Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon, Half Marathon & Up and Running 5K Run/Walk

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Southwest University Ballpark 02/18/2018
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Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon
Half Marathon
Up and Running 5K Run/Walk

Celebrating its eleventh year, the Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon, half marathon, Up and Running 5K and Crave Kids Dash offers something for runners of all experience levels. The Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K will start and finish at Southwest University Park.  The Kids Dash will take place on Expo Day, Saturday, February 17th at the El Paso Convention Center. Race numbers and timing chips must be picked up at the El Paso Marathon Expo at the El Paso Convention Center from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m, Saturday, February 17, 2018.; they cannot be mailed and will not be available for pick-up on race day. You must pick up your own race number and timing chip – no exceptions. You’ll need to show your race number to pick up your T-shirt and goodie bag.
If you do not wear your computer chip you will not be timed.

A 6 HOUR TIME LIMIT WILL BE IN FORCE FOR THE MARATHON COURSE. Runners and Joggers are welcomed to participate in the Marathon Race. Although the marathon race is mainly put on for racers, we applaud all those who set out to complete the marathon distance, regardless of the pace. The race is permitted through the city of El Paso and we use officers from the El Paso Police Department to monitor traffic along the route to keep the runners safe. Our City of El Paso Permit requires us to reopen the public streets we run on to vehicular traffic after a certain time period, and thus the need for a time limit.

Michelob Ultra Team Challenge

The upcoming Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon, Half Marathon and Up and Running 5K will feature new team competitions for the races on Feb. 18, 2018, the El Paso Marathon Foundation announced today. The Michelob Ultra Team Challenge will give running teams incentives to have large, spirited teams, as well as competitive teams in all three races. On the competitive side, the challenge will allow for teams to compete in the full marathon, half marathon and 5K. Think your team is fast? Get a team of five or more runners together, and find out if you can pull off a win! The competition includes: Competitive Awards*
  • Speedy: The cumulative time of top five runners on your team will result in your overall team time. The team with the lowest time wins!
  • At Least They Finished: Sometimes "success" is defined as just showing up. For the slowest team, they’ll have an award.
  • Average Joes: You say, your team is probably not the fastest or slowest, but just average? Well, your team might win the "Average Joes" award. For example, if there are 20 teams in the half marathon, the 10th place team will be the Average Joes winner.
* Please note that team members in the competitive category must have at least 5 members signed up in the same event to be eligible for awards in that event: full marathon, half marathon or 5K. Social Awards Some folks don't care if they run fastest or slowest. They run the races to be with friends or just go a little crazy, for social reasons. For them, the Michelob Ultra Team Challenge has awards too:
  • Largest team: This is a great way to motivate the office to get into fitness. Have the most participants, win the award!
  • Most Motivated team: It takes a lot of spirit to run a 5K, half marathon or, especially, a marathon. If you team has it, you can win!
  • Best Dressed (best costumes): Finally, a big part of the fun is just making yourself seen. Be the team that everyone remains, and win best dressed!
Team Discount! Teams of 10 or more will receive a discount.  That's right, once your team reaches 10 in number, each member will receive a $5 discount (the first 10 to register will receive a refund).

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